Tournament Results 2017

August 1 Eliminate Holes 
18 Holers Eliminate holes 3,4 13 and 14
 Flight A Net: 1st Joan Saimond 50, 2nd Sophia Rodin 51, 3rd Connie Bird 52, 4 Marcia Robbins 53
 Flight B Net: 1st Mary Ellen Nowobilski 50, 2nd Carole Sussi 51, 3rd Diane Wixted 53, 4th Rosie Hornyak 54 

9 holers Eliminate holes 13,14
Net: 1st Barbara Montstream 24, 2nd Donna Aiudi June Blacksten 27, 4th Margaret Braddon 28 

Kickers #7 $8.50 / each Karen Wiltse, Deb Desrocher

July 25 Memorial
18 Holers Flight A Gross: 1st Deb Boldhry 84
                              Net :1st Joan Saimond 71, 2nd Sophia Rodin Deb Wellington Connie Bird 72
                 Flight B Gross: 1st Kathy Geer 96
                               Net: 1st Laurie Masciandaro 69, 2nd Deb Desrocher 70, 3rd Joan Feloney 72, 4th Eleanor Aufman 75 MC

9 Holers Gross: 1st Jan Thibodeau 46
                  Net: 1st Michelle Teubner Cheryl Udin 34, 3rd Carmen Vance 35

Kickers #5 Marcia Robbins

July 18 Pro's Trophy 
18 Holers
A Flight
Gross:   1st Deb Boldry 80 Trophy, 2nd Jane Chirchill-Valvo 92
Net:       1st Donna Courchaine Connie Bird 70
B Flight
Gross:  1st Donna Kortikowski 99, 2nd Tina Mikolowsky 101 
   1st Bev Sleeper 69 Trophy, 2nd Rosie Hornyak 71, 3ird Joan Feloney 73

9 Holers
Gross:    Carmen Vance 50 Trophy and Jan Thibodeau 50 Trophy
Net:        Barb Monhardt 36 Trophy and Cheryl Udin 36 Trophy
Note John decided to not match cards and give trophies to the 4 low scores in the 9 hole division since it is his last " Pros Trophy "
Kickers: Lenkiewicz, Wixted, Benson, Maltzan

June 27  Women’s Club Member Guest
Gross Division
1st Jane Merlino,Deb Boldry, Terri Allen, Dawn McDermott 167
2nd Jan Thibodeau 172,Laura Smith, Carmen Vance, Pat Babcock 172
3rd Sophia Rodin, Carol Factora, Connie Bird, Joan Curtis 175

Net Division
1st Lousie Benson, Doreen Dematties, Donna Aiudi, Gail Kimball 116
2nd Rosie Hornyak, Gini Cady, Judy Kenneally, Jane Siviski 120
3rd Tina Mikolowsky, Diane Morin, Diane Wixted, Ann Hilchey 123

Closest to the Pin:   #3 Deb Boldry , #6 Carmen Vance, #9 Patty Matthews, #14 Jane Siviski
Closest 1st attempt over the water:  #10 Betsy Preble 
Team Skills Challenge Winners 11 skills:  Louise Benson, Donna Aiudi, Doreen Dematties, Gail Kimball

Date: June 20 Eliminate Par 4’s
18 holers
Flight A Net
1st Sophia Rodin 26, 2 Marcia Robins Judy Staknis Laurie Masciandaro 30, 5th Lorrain Pettola 32 
Flight B Net
1st Rosie Hornyak 27, 2nd Wendy Padula, 3rd Tina Mikolowsky Donna Courchaine 29, 5th Kim Alleman 30, 6th Judy Kenneally Diana Ruddick 31

9 holers
Net Only
1st Sharon Lenkiewicz 14, 2nd Margaret Braddon 15, 3rd Carmen Vance 17, 4th Barbara Monhardt Barbara Giroux 19

Kickers: Joan Curtis, Cheryl Udin, Barb Giroux, Sophia Rodin #2 

Date: June 13  Tournament Name: Count Odd Holes
18 Holers
Flight A 
Gross: 1st Deb Boldry 44, 2nd Bobbi Torrison Deb Wellington 47
Net: 1st Sophia Rodin Marcia Robbins 36, 3rd Judy Staknis Terry Allen 38
Flight B
Gross:1st Kin Alleman 52, 2nd Tina Milkolowsky 53
Net: 1st Diane Wixted 36, 2nd Deb Desrocher 37, 3rd Rosie Hornyak Judy Kenneally 39

9 Holers
Gross: 1st Jan Thibodeau 25, 2nd Carmen Vance 29
Net: 1st Margaret Braddon 18, 2nd Velvet Welch Barbara Monhardt 20

Kickers #2 Louise Benson

Date: May 30 Even Holes only
18 Holers 
Flight A
Gross:1st Deb Boldry 42, 2nd Bobbi Torrison 43 
Net: 1st Terry Allen 33, 2nd Laurie Masciandaro Marica Robbins Joan Siamond 35
Flight B 
Gross: 1st Joan Curtis Kim Alleman 50 
Net: 1st Rosie Hornyak Judy Kenneally 31, 3rd Diane Wixted 35, 4th Kathy Anderson 36

9 Holers
Gross: 1st Sharon Lenkiewicz 28, 2nd Margaret Braddon 30 
Net: 1st Velvet Welch Michelle Teubner 20, 3rd Nancy Chabot 22, 4th Gene McLaughlin 22

Kickers Lessner, Dolan, Mikolowsky, Bird  #5 
Date: May 23  Tournament Name: Best 15 Holes

18 Holers
Net  1st Louise Benson, 46 2nd Diane Wixted 47, 3ird Bev Sleeper 49,4th Wendy Padula 51, 5th Kathy Anderson Tina Mikolowsky 53 
7th Nancy Dreyer Lorraine Pettola 54 

Best 7 Holes
Net 1st Karen Wiltse 17, 2nd Barbara Monhardt Velvet Welch 19, 4th Margaret Braddon 20, 5th Nancy Chabot 22 

KICKER Wendy Padula #6 $16.50

Date: May 16  Tournament Name: Eliminate 6, 7, 16, 17

18 Holers Flight A
1st Bobbi Torrison Connie Bird 70 
1st Laurie Masciandaro 49, 2nd Gina Dolan 51, 3rd Lorraine Pettola Donna Koritkoski Sophia Rodin 53

Holers Flight B
1st Diane Wixted 86, 2nd Kathy Anderson 87 
1st Diane Ruddick 51, 2nd Louise Benson Joan Curtis 56, 4th Kim Alleman 57

9 Holers Eliminate Holes 16 & 17
1st Barbara Montstream 41, 2nd Cheryl Udin Barbara Giroux 43
1st Velvet Welch 27, 2nd Jan Thibodeau 28, 3rd Gene McLaughlin  Judy McCusker 29 

Kickers Michelle Teubner, Marcia Robbins, Lorraine Pettol, Bev Sleeper #7 

Date: May 9  Tournament Name: 
Random Draw Low Net
18 Holers (Net) 
1st Sophia Rodin 72, 
2nd Kim Alleman 73, 
3rd Kathy Anderson 75, 
4th Joan Curtis 76, 5th 
Deb Boldry 
Donna Korikoski  
Nancy Dryer 
                            Joan Feloney 
Laurie Masciandro 77

9 Holers (Net)  1st Jan Thibodeau, 2nd Sharon Lenkiewicz 36, 3rd Margaret Braddon 38, 4 Barbara Giroux 39

Kickers Joan Feloney #9 

Date May 2 Tournament Name: Change 4/2 holes to Par
18 Holers
 Gross 1st Deb Boldry 78, 2nd Connie Bird 85, 3rd Marcia Robbins 87
 Net 1st Joan Curtis 59, 2nd Donna Courchaine 60, 3rd Joan Feloney 64, 4th Louise Benson Diane Wixted 65, 6th Diana Ruddick 66 MC

 9 Holers
Gross 1st Barbara Montstream 44 
Net 1st Barbara Monhardt 31

Kickers #5   Sussi, Benson 

Date April 18 
Tournament Name: Eliminate Par 5's  (net only)
18 holers
Flight A   1st Sophia Rodin 48, 2nd Bev Sleeper 52, 3ird Lorraine Pettola and Laurie Masciandaro 53
Flight B    1st Eleanor Aufman 43, 2nd Diane Wixted 44, 3ird Gina Dolan 45, 4th Donna Courchaine, 5th Diana Ruddick 47

9 holers
                Judy McCusker  Karen Wiltse Cheryl Udin 24, 4th Gene McLaughlin 25mc
kicker #6 no winner, #2 Cheryl Udin 

Date April 11 
Tournament Name: 
Opening Day Texas Scramble

1st Place        Score    37 Laurie Masciandaro, Rosie Hornyak, Deb Boldry

2nd Place       Score    38  Elaine Turnbull, Judy McCusker, Connie Bird

3rd Place        Score    39 Donna Courchaine, Gina Dolan, Donna Koritkoski