Tallwood Schedule 2017

Tallwood Women’s Club 2017 Tournament Schedule

April  4                        OPEN HOUSE – 10:00 a.m.  No golf.

April 11       G        (F)           Opening Day “Texas Scramble” – 9:30 shotgun, lunch following.  (Mail-in registration)

                                                                                                      4-person Scramble – 9 holes. Teams drawn by Pro Shop

April 18        N       (B)          Eliminate Par 5s.  Low Net.  

April 25      G/N     (F)           Just Golf - Individual Low Gross and Net.


May 2       G/N      (B)         18 Holers:  Change 2 holes on each nine to par                                                                                                                                                                                  9 Holers:  Change 2 holes to par.

May 9      N           (F)           Random Draw.   Individual Low Net.   Foursomes will be randomly drawn.                          .

May 16  G/N        (B)          Eliminate Holes #6 & 7 and  #16 & 17.   Low Gross and Low Net.            


May 23       N        (F)           9-Holers:  Best 7 holes.

                                                18-Holers:  Best 15 holes.   Low net.

                                                Pick a partner and sign-up for our June 6th Team event!


May 30    G/N      (B)          Count Even holes only.

                                                 Pick a partner and sign-up for next week’s team event! 

June 6    N            (F)           5th Annual Member/Member Tournament - 1 Best Ball net score. 

                                                You need a partner for this 2-Person Team event!  Low Net Teams. 

                                                                Start planning who you will invite to our Member/Guest event on June 27th!

June 13 G/ N      (B)          President’s Cup Match Play Tournament – 18 holers.  1st Round         

                                                Governor’s Cup Match Play Tournament – 9 holers.   1st Round              

                                                Tournament of the Day - Count odd holes only.  Low Gross and Net

                                                 Do you have a guest lined up for the Member/Guest event on June 27th?

                                                Be sure to mail in your registration!                                           

June 20  N            (F)           President’s and Governor’s Cup Tournaments – 2nd Round.

                                                 Tournament of the Day – Eliminate Par 4s.  Low Net

                                                Last day for registrations for our Member/Guest event next week!

June 27                                Member/Guest Tournament.   (Mail-in registration)

                                                Two Best Balls of 4-Person Team.  Shotgun start – 8:00 am!

July 4                                     No Tournament (Holiday)                                                                                                          

July 11   G/N         (F)           9 Holers - Best 6 Holes.   18 Holers - Best 12 Holes.


July 18  G/N        (B)         Pro’s Trophy – Individual Gross & Net.                                      


July 25  G/N        (F)           Memorial Tournament – Individual Gross & Net

                                                       (Sign-up for the Club Championship for Aug.8th and Aug.15th)


Aug 1     N            (B)         9 Holers - Eliminate holes #13 & 14

                                                18 Holers - Eliminate holes # 3, 4, 13, & 14    Low Net.

                                                (Sign-up for the Club Championship for Aug 8th and Aug.15th)

Aug 8     G/N        (F)           Club Championship – 1st Round

                                                Alternate Tournament – Low Gross and Net


Aug 15   G/N       (B)          Club Championship – 2nd Round

                                                Alternate Tournament – Low Gross and Net. 


Aug 22                   (F)            Rain Date - if we have had a rain out, we will use the game from the first rained out date.  If there have                                                                                 been no rain outs, we'll provide  another game for the day.      


Aug 29                   (B)           Rain Date - if we have had a rain out, we will use the game from the second rained out date.  If there have                                                                       been no rain outs, we'll provide another game for the day.

                                                 Get a partner and sign up for the 6-6-6 and 3-3-3 on Sept 12th. You must have a partner to play!                             


Sept. 5    N             (F)           Odd holes only.  Also Low Putts.  Count putts only on the green for low putt score.  (Low net for Odd holes                                                      and also Low Gross putt score are winners). 

                                                 Be sure to keep your total score as usual, so you can post your adjusted score after the round.

                                                                Get a partner and sign-up for our 6-6-6/3-3-3 tournament on Sept. 12th. 

                                                                You must have a partner to play!                          


Sept 12  G/N         (B)          6-6-6 and 3-3-3.  You must have a partner to play!                  


Sept 19  G/N         (F)           Random Draw.  2-Person Teams - Best Ball.   Low Gross and Net.           


Sept 24    (Sun)                     W.H.A.T. Tournament.  Tallwood Women’s Club vs. Blackledge Women’s Golf Assoc.

                                                 Hosted by Tallwood.   Tee Times - TBD


Sept 26  N            (B)          Just Golf.  Low Net.


Oct 3      G/N        (F)           “Easy Day” -  Low Net.   9 Holers:  Count only the easiest handicap holes, #s 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 9                                                                                                                           18 Holers:  Count above holes, plus #’s 10, 12, 13, 14, 15,& 18


                                                Mail in your application for the Oct. 17th Closing Day Shamble and Fall Banquet !


Oct. 10   N             (B)          Beat the Pro - Pro's Gross score vs. Ladies' Net score.

                                                Last day for applications for next week's 9-Hole Shamble and Fall Banquet!


Oct. 17   G             (F)           Closing Day Scramble and Fall Banquet.   9-Hole Shamble.  Shotgun – 9:30 a.m.   (Mail-in registration)