Tournament Schedule 2020

Tallwood Women’s Club 2020 Tournament Schedule

Tallwood Women’s Club 2020 Tournament Schedule

April 14                                                                        10:00 Open House-Brunch & Spring meeting

                                                                        12:15 golf (optional)-no tournament, Just Golf!!

April 21                                    N                  (F)                  Eliminate Par 5’s. 

April 28                                    N                  (B)                  18 holers:  eliminate 2 worse holes on each 9

                                                                         9 holers:  eliminate 2 worse holes on back 9

May 5                                    N                  (F)                  9-holers: Best 6 holes.  18-holers: Best 12 holes

                                                                        Pick a partner and sign up for May 19  Member/Member

May 12                                    G/N                  (B)                  Just Golf – Individual gross and net

                                                                        Pick a partner for next weeks Member/Member

May 19                                    N                  (F)                  10th Annual Member/Member Tournament – 1 Best Ball Score

                                                                        You need a partner for this 2-person team event!  Low Net Teams.                                                                       

May 26                                    N                  (B)                  Eliminate holes 4,5,& 14,15                                                                       

June 2                                    N                  (F)                  Count Even holes only-50% handicap

June 9                                    N                  (B)                  9-holers:  Best 7 holes.  18-holers: Best 14 holes. 

                                                                        START PLANNING WHO YOU WILL INVITE TO OUR MEMBER/GUEST EVENT ON JUNE 30

June 16                                    G/N                  (F)                  President’s Cup Match Play Tournament – 18 holers. 1st round.

                                                                        Governor’s Cup Match Play Tournament – 9 holers. 1st round.

                                                                        Tournament of the day – count odd holes only. Low gross/net.

                                                                        DO YOU HAVE A GUEST LINED UP FOR MEMBER/GUEST EVENT ON JUNE 30?

June 23                                    G/N                  (B)                  President’s/Governor’s Cup – 2nd round.

                                                                        Tournament of the day – eliminate par 4’s.

                                                                        LAST DAY FOR REGISTRATIONS FOR MEMBER/GUEST NEXT WEEK!

June 30                                                                        Member/Guest Tournament (Mail in registration)

                                                                        2-Best Balls of 4-person team.  Shotgun start – 8:00am!

July 7                                    N                  (F)                  White, Blue, Red

July 14                                    G/N                  (B)                  Pro’s Trophy – Individual Gross and Net.

July 21                                    N                  (F)                  Tee to Green –  50% handicap  (subtract putts)

July 28                                    G/N                  (B)                  Memorial Tournament – Individual Gross and Net. (In Honor of our lost members)

                                                                        (Sign up for Club Championship August 11 & 18)

August 4                                    N                  (F)                  9- holers: eliminate holes 1,5

                                                                        18-holers: eliminate holes 1,5,11,15.  Low Net.

August 11                                    G/N                  (B)                  Club Championship – 1st round.

                                                                        Alternate tournament – Low Gross and Net.

August 18                                    G/N                  (F)                  Club Championship – 2nd round.

                                                                        Alternate tournament – Low Gross and Net.

August 25                                    N                  (B)                  Eliminate par 3’s

September 1                  G/N                  (F)                  Individual Gross and Net.

                                                      Get a partner and sign up for the 6-6-6 and 3-3-3 on September 22.  You MUST have a partner to play!

September 8                  N                  (B)                  Odd holes only-50% handicap

September 15                  N                  (F)                  Eliminate par 4’s

September 22                  N                  (B)                  6-6-6- and 3-3-3.  YOU MUST HAVE A PARTNER TO PLAY!

September 29                  N                  (F)                  Just Golf.  Low Net.

                                                                        LAST DAY FOR APPLICATIONS FOR NEXT WEEK’S 9-HOLE SHAMBLE/BANQUET!!

October 6                                    N                                    CLOSING DAY SHAMBLE AND FALL BANQUET

                                                                        9-HOLE SHAMBLE-SHOTGUN 9:30

October 13                  N                  (B)                  9-holers count easiest handicap holes #10,12,13,14,15,18

                                                                        18-holers count above plus #2,3,6,7,8,9

October 20                  G/N                  (F)                  Individual gross and net.                 



September 26                                                      W.H.A.T. Tournament.  Blackledge vs. Tallwood @ Blackledge Gilead.   9:00 am


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